A Mridul is a Jodhpur-based architect, who specialises in sustainable and green architecture. He is deeply committed to conservation and judicious use of resources. His projects are an extension of heritage and contemporize traditional practices to make them timeless, thus modern and futuristic. His design of a 20th-century elevator congruously fitting into a 15th-century fort has received a citation from UNESCO. He has designed a multi-international-award-winning step-well and LEED Platinum- and Gold-awarded buildings. He has delivered talks on sustainable water architecture in India, the UK, USA and Australia advocating contemporizing traditional water architecture in a world increasingly becoming stressed for fresh water. He has also won numerous international and national awards, been on boards of public and private institutions, sat on juries and has projects published in leading architectural magazines.


Mrs Shilpa Mridul is an entrepreneur, a garment designer, an interior designer, a theatre artist and, at the same time, an ambassador of green architecture. She has worked in reviving traditional and vernacular designs by deftly weaving ethnicity in modern clothes. Through this, she has enlisted numerous traditional craftsmen and women, providing them employment and contributing towards their survival. While working with these craftswomen, her interest in indigenous technologies grew, including in water and sustainability, which are at the core of the survival issues of rural folk. She has since collaborated with her husband in his ongoing mission to revive traditional technologies to recreate a sustainable environment in the arid regions of Rajasthan.