Thank you very much for your warm hospitality during our visit to Jodhpur. Watching the process of making bangles gave me a new appreciation of the artistry and skill that is involved. It is nice to see the son following in his father's footsteps. Thank you again.

P.S. - I especially appreciate the tea!


This workshop was fantastic. I loved learning more about the handicraft process. Thank you for welcoming us to Jodhpur in a great way!


Virginia Beach, USA

Thank you so much for welcoming us in and letting us experience the Jodhpur crafts. The bangle craftsman is incredible to watch. It is so meaningful to connect with the person creating it.

Lauren Taneyhill

Annapolis, USA

This was a great experience, thank you! It was amazing to watch the bangles being crafted. This was the highlight of my trip!

Michelle Shmidt

Beelin, USA

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